Explore the romantic Rhine valley in fall. You can experience the vintners at their vintage  or collect apples , nuts and mushrooms.

Explore the romantic and myth-enshrouded  Rhine valley. You can allow yourself a break with a trip at award-winning hiking trails like the ‚Rhein Burgen path‘  on the left side of the Rhine or the ‚Rheinsteig‘ on the right side. Enjoy the amazing views and appease your thirst !

Start springtime and discover the middle rhine valley between Koblenz and Bingen on foot. The area is used by viniculture over centuries and offers charming sights and a lot of exciting hiking trails.

Springtime invites you to nice trips by car, exploration boat, bike, skates or on foot!

Available from 22nd April to 17th August 2016 Cycle tracks with most impressive panorama along the rhine river are waiting to be discovered.